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Paris Van Java - Resort Lifestyle Place
One of a kind shopping centre in Asia which blends mediterranian architecture and lush greenery into a unique and memorable experience for all ages.
Revel in an immersive shopping spree with world-renowned brands and creative entrepreneurs. Savour the tastes of the world while dining under the stars. Relish the beauty of nature in Paradiso and immortalize your visit enveloped by luscious flowers and exotic ambiance. Paris Van java - Resort Lifestyle Place bids you welcome for "The Paris Van Java Experience"

Paris Van Java - Resort and Lifestyle Place

Jl. Sukajadi no.131-139, Bandung,                                         Email        : info@paris-van-java.com
Jawa Barat 40162, Indonesia                                                   Twitter       : @pvjbandung
+62 22 2060800                                                                            Instagram : @pvjofficial                                          Facebook  :  https://www.facebook.com/officialpvj
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